About Robin Bitner, MD

I am a board-certified psychiatrist licensed to practice medicine in the state of California. I received a B.A. from Bates College (1995) and a M.D. from the University of California-Irvine (2004), both with honors. In 2008, I completed residency training in General Adult Psychiatry at the University of California-San Francisco (UCSF).

After completing my training, I joined the faculty at UCSF and worked in a variety of settings that have informed my current practice. I am currently an Assistant Clinical Professor at UCSF and am involved in teaching residents-in-training as a volunteer faculty member. In addition to my private practice, I am on staff at Marin General Hospital where I treat patients in the intensive outpatient programs and in the hospital (consultation and inpatient stabilization). I also provide treatment with TMS which is a non-invasive patient treatment for depression.

I regularly attend conferences, courses and seminars to continue my development as a psychiatrist and to stay current with the latest updates in treatment. I have been involved in multiple research projects and have a long-standing commitment to teaching.

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